Company Principles

The Four Corners Company understands that in order to achieve a point of differentiation in a very difficult trading environment requires an exemplary approach to business. The Four Corners Company, therefore, operates to the following principles.

Ethical Sourcing We are committed to ethical sourcing at all times and will not use sources where we deem that adequate welfare and protection of the employees is not provided.

This principle above all others is central to our activities and while we recognise that this has cost implications, it is not open to compromise.

Best Quality

Quite simply, we strive to attain the highest quality through all functional areas and in doing so deliver the highest quality product and after-sales service.


All parties with whom The Four Corners Company has dealings, customers and suppliers alike, must benefit from its association with this company.


All of our employees and associates efficiently use their resources, take ownership and responsibility for their actions and proactively to deliver the best result for both the customers and the company.